"Pride Persistence and Progress: A Sesquicentennial History of the University of South Dakota" 

Challenge: Capture the history of the University of South Dakota in a format with many points of entry

Client: University of South Dakota Alumni Association  


Alumni Association Book Mock-up.jpg

High Over Madison

Challenge: Starting with the joy of kite photography, weave a story that also addresses the myriad and sophisticated ways governments and other entities monitor movement in the landscape

Client: Isthmus, Madison, Wis.



Living Small

Challenge: Find some of the smallest homes in Madison, Wis., and explore what it means to live in small spaces

Client: Isthmus, Madison, Wis.

Committed to Care: A Century of Medical Education in South Dakota

Challenge: Research and write the centennial history of the University of South Dakota medical school for a 180-page coffee table book, ISBN1-57579-349-0

Client: Sanford School of Medicine, University of South Dakota


South Dakota: Pioneering the Future

Challenge: Write a compelling overview of South Dakota as an introduction to the coffee table book promoting South Dakota business for the Governor's Office of Economic Development

Client: Cherbo Publishing, Encino, Calif.