How we tell our stories can take many shapes, often blending word and image for the greatest impact. Ann Grauvogl will collaborate with you to find the heart of your message, develop a concept, and shape content to inspire and inform your audiences. 


Innovative partnerships;    Sustainable global health

Challenge: Produce content for a small printed brochure that introduces  colleagues on- and off-campus to the Institute's interdisciplinary approach to sustainable global health

Client: Global Health Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Year in Stem Cells 09/10

Challenge: Work with the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center to write/edit a report to friends and donors about the year's progress

Client: Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center, UW-Madison


We're here to help get your animal back on its feet. Or hooves. Or paws. 

Challenge: Combine client stories and research into content for a small print brochure that inspires grateful pet owners to give to the School of Veterinary Medicine

Client: University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine

You thought you knew Hip Hop. Think Again.

Challenge: Use First Wave's student and success stories to craft content for a one-sheet awareness/development piece to use for events

Client: First Wave Urban Arts and Spoken Word Community, University of Wisconsin-Madison


What is rural?

Challenge: Make the Wisconsin Rural Youth Scholarship program come alive through student stories and inspire donors

Client: College of Agricultural and Life Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison